2013 Hollander Social Justice Fellowship

Social Justice Programming

Do you have a social justice cause you are passionate about and want to pursue with the NHC Summer Institute community? Apply for the Hollander Social Justice Fellowship! You will receive a scholarship for Institute tuition, room, and board, and up to $100 for materials or preparation, in exchange for planning social justice oriented programming for the NHC Summer Institute community.

Who should apply?
We expect that the strongest applications will come from people with at least three to five years of professional or volunteer experience in their area. Preference will be given to people involved in an ongoing social justice campaign (or launching a campaign) who wish to bring it to the NHC Summer Institute community.

Past Fellows Include:

  • 2012: Regina Sandler-Phillips: Strength in Numbers: Jewish Personal Empowerment for Redistributive Justice
  • 2011: Ilana Schatz; Exploring Fair Trade as an expression of Jewish values
  • 2009: Joelle Novey; A Jewish response to our modern alienation from where our stuff, our electricity, and our food is coming from, who made it, produced it, or harvested it, and at what cost to the Earth
  • 2008: Gabriela Russek; Stronger Roots to Lasting Fruit: Deepening Our Understanding of Social Justice

The Fellowship
Hollander Social Justice Fellows are expected to plan and implement three-four hours of programming (formal or informal)  on a relevant and nonpartisan social justice issue. You will also have the opportunity to have a permanent display space throughout the week to share additional information. Your goal in this application is to demonstrate the variety of ways in which you could imagine bringing your cause into the lives of NHC participants. If you are selected, you will be expected to  consult with the planning committee to ensure that your programming dovetails with the rest of the programming for the week.

Please submit a completed application to hollanderfellow@havurah.org by February 5, 2013.

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